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Welcome to Oho Social, a digital marketing agency based in Kolkata. Started with the aim of empowering businesses to gain greater visibility of their digital marketing campaigns and master a digital presence within an affordable budget.

Our Mission

More so, the companies behind the brands need to change even rapidly and marketing needs to be changed. It is not the time for a media agency, but a transformative agency.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We believe that success starts with knowledge; our extensive research is designed so as not just to give us an idea about where your business stands currently but also how it’s performing against competitors-in both qualitative and quantitative ways through the use of data analytics tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Facebook Insights Data Analyzer, Instagram Insights, etc., which allows us to develop insights into. The moment is now, and the mode of delivery should be at its peak.



If you’re a small business owner and are looking for ways to improve your sales, then there are few tips that can help. The first one is getting more reviews on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Another option would be buying ads in the Google Keyword Tool; this will increase the number of users who see your ad when they search for keywords related to what you sell. You should also consider using promotional giveaways online or contests because these often lead people back into an e-commerce site.



You can’t spell awesome without “awe.” So what color should you pick when designing a social media campaign? Every social media campaign needs a theme that will show off your personality and be catchy to potential new customers. Does the color pink scream “you’re awesome” or are you more of an aqua person? Should it have lots of yellow for energy, green for calmness, or blue because water is cool? The choice is up to you! It is important that the company has clear objectives and goals for their campaign so they know how much time, money, and effort it will take before starting any work on the project



Do you want to meet your goals, but you don’t know where to start? We have the creativity and experience necessary for crafting a strategy tailored just for you. If it’s about developing or anything else! Our team has handled all of our customers’ needs from meeting objectives with purposefulness. We are all about the “develop” life. We craft routes that will reach your goals and execute strategies to bring them to fruition. You are in good hands when seeking out companies that can handle your vision best – call us today!



Software deployment is something that so many digital marketers neglect. In a world where technology is the key to success, it’s no surprise that deploying software can give you an edge. Whether this is for marketing purposes or just in your everyday life as a digital citizen, being able to deploy software quickly and efficiently will make everything run more smoothly. Software deployment may seem like rocket science at first but with simple steps, anyone can get started.



The moment is now, and the mode of delivery should be at its peak. It’s all about how you deliver right this very instant in order to capture your audience from their individual lifestyles. They’re not just listening for sound anymore; they want a message that resonates with them on an emotional level as well – one that can connect to what they are going through today because it has happened before. You have been here before, so why don’t we make sure you get there again?

Why Choose Us?

We don’t have a magic wand for you, but we surely have a few magical mixtures which work wonders when combined.

With a myriad of content forms-blogs, emails, articles, social media posts- our content creators begin to spread the word about your awesome work. Next, our creative wizards complement it with aesthetic designs. Our tech experts then amplify these via ads, targeted social media and provide real-time data to track the efficacy of the campaigns. And voila! These magical elements provide a phenomenal transformation to your brand. 

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If you're looking for a way to increase your website's conversion rates, then OhoSocial is the perfect solution.

Oho Social bridges the gap between service-based businesses and their customers by leveraging media to reach markets in key verticals.

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